Doing the right entity

I start working when i was 17 than later that year I took up an accounting course and attach to a resort hotel work there for a year then come back to the city and start working in a hotel for one year-i be not happy with the small gross. I left and join a cafe 4 months later-poor headship I left I join another business hotel than not here in a year after i got a undertaking with a better pay within a call center. I might get a mission at a boutique hotel but next year I am planning to further study as I have interest contained by culinary art is that a smart move when I complete my studies and plan to work in the food production maybe I am lucky ample to be 30 I wanna be a teacher what do u think am i making a big mistake here or own and plan things too early tell me am I making the biggest mistake within my life?

Am I eligible to be back-paid overtime?
I have been working for a PTY LTD company for nearly 2.5 years immediately. Since day 1 I have notice that my pay-slips have been VERY brief. They don’t show the amount of hours I work, which is 45. But if you divide my wage by 40, it equals the hourly rate stated on the payslip. I understand that in Australia anything between 38 – 40 hours is time and a partly, and anything over 40 is double time. I am a full time employee, and work 8 hours mon-fri and 5 hours on Saturday. I have never signed any paperwork to state that I am on a workplace agreement, or a take-home pay, or an hourly rate etc, however I do receive the same pay respectively week, see for yourself and my annual salary is marked on my payslip as ,800. Am I eligible to be back paid overtime? Will this back-pay be single time x 5 hours for respectively week I have worked there, or double time x 5 hours for respectively week? How long do these things usually take to get sorted out? Will wage line sort this out for me? Best regard, and thanks for any help you may hold.

Am I honest satisfactory?
I’m an engineering major, but I have only just (the last four months) become interested in clear design, mostly in the form of logos and packaging for video games. I be hoping you could take a look at the boxes I have designed at this connect and tell me if you think I am devout enough to consider a career within graphic design.

Am I individual underpaid?
I’m 19 and I am being paid 5.87ph including a 33.3333% shift allowance, steal it off and I am earning 4.40ph supporting. I’ve been working here for a few months and never thought about checking my pay cheque with the allowance taken off. I did some double time lately and they paid me as 8.80ph. I phoned them to ask about my shift rates etc and how it works next to double time and they said I only get my prime pay for overtime. I do the night shift and the guy on the dayshift (19) is anyone paid 4.60 without a shift rate and it be him who said the minimum wage was now 4.60. Am I one underpaid? Am I inside my rights to adapt wages to mortal compensated at the failure of the month to 1 month surrounded by arrears? I have just taken over the business, team were paid at the wrap up of each month and I want to pay one month’s within arrears.