Wicked Ridge Invader Review

What’s in the Box?

The Wicked Ridge Invader crossbow
An adjustable 3 dot scope
Instant release quiver
Three 20-inch carbon arrows
Rope cocking system, ACU-52 self-retracting
Owner’s manual
Warranty card

Considered to be the best value for your money, the Wicked Ridge Invader is one of the best crossbows in the market today.
Known for its high performance design and durable build, the Wicked Ridge Invader has upped the game for hunters, although based on the Invader HP and Invader G3, the Wicked Ridge Invader has some really awesome features here bestcrossbowguide.org that can really help you with your hunting.
And with a price that fits almost all budgets, the Wicked Ridge Invader is hard to not to get your hands on.
With a semi skeletal stock, this crossbow has the perfect weight for hunting.
It also has machined aluminum risers thus making it more lighter than other crossbows, its pass through foregrip gives hunters a firm grip while minimising the risk of injuries on your fingers, together with the anti dry fire inhibitor, this crossbow has the highest regard when it comes to safety so you don’t have to worry about misfiring your crossbow at yourself or even at your friends.

TenPoint has made sure that the Wicked Ridge Invader packs enough kinetic energy to take down game of any size with ease, it shoots a blistering 330 feet per second that results in a whopping 90 FPKE.
The Wicked Ridge Invader is a very capable crossbow and trusted hunting companion, it has a trigger of 3.5 lb release and has a T2 trigger that can only be found in higher tier crossbows.
It has a very crisp release that allows a really accurate shot, arrow after arrow, and its ergonomic design makes it very easy to use even for inexperienced hunters, the Wicked Ridge Invader is 22 inches from axle to axle when not cocked while it’s at 19 inches when cocked, meaning this allows you to hunt in even the most tight places in the forest; giving you more chances to take down any game so you can more meat in the fridge and an awesome trophy to show off to your friends.

The wicked ridge invader review was designed with both safety and power in mind: it’s fast and powerful yet also very stylish, functional, and very easy to use.
It can be easily assembled in a matter of minutes regardless of your hunting skill, the instruction manual comes with easy to follow steps suitable for every hunter.
The Wicked Ridge Invader gives archers a really good value for their money while not forsaking performance, built for speed and power, this is one crossbow you shouldn’t hesitate to get.
It’s ideal for both novice and veteran hunters alike that’s bound to take down any game stealthily, it’s a very quiet crossbow although some may suggest that you should add another dampening system to it for maximum performance and preventing any prey from being startled and It can be easily assembled in a matter of minutes regardless of your hunting skill.